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Don't let me scare you. I'm much uglier than the picture indicates.

Benish Industries is owned and operated by me, Don Benish. I am an electrical engineer, writer, and computer programmer. 


I graduated from Wichita State University in 1982 with a BSEE. I then went to work for Hughes Aircraft Company-Missiile Systems Group in California. I was the head of the Power Test Group of the Power Systems Department, and I was also the lead battery design engineer for all new missile programs. In 1989 I left Hughes to take care of some personal business and do some writing. In 1995 I went to work for MCI-Power Systems Department. I was in charge of monitoring all power alarms throughout the MCI system and evaluating and passing on all requests to perform work on power equipment.

In September 1996 I left MCI to do work on some programming tasks I wanted to accomplish. I bought a book on PERL programming, and read it in about seven days. My friend, Joe, who designs web pages needed a programmer to create a CGI script for a lease payment estimator on a page he was creating. I wrote that script for him and you can view the result at

I was cruising around the Internet for ideas and came across several javascript sites and became intrigued. I bought a book and started to investigate the language. I found a site that was a simple Javascript currency convertor. I mentioned this to Joe and suggested that I might create a site of many different converters with many different types of conversions. I said that I believed I could attach advertisements to each converter and make money at it. Joe got intrigued and immediately set out to design such a site. We formed a partnership called Ben-Cam Intermedia and have created the site called

We have won numerous awards and recognitions and have been featured in Yahoo Internet Life, The Internet Atlas, and Parade Magazine, among many others.

After I had created several prototype scripts for the megaconverter, I set out to create the web's first really functional scientific calculator that I call megaCalculator.

I later took a contract job for Sprint converting Sprintmail scripts to HTML. I then worked for as a Lead Technical Consultant. I have worked on websites for British Airways, Sharp, Compaq, Armstrong Tile, Motorola, 3M, Coco-Cola and Sprint.

If you would like to hire Benish Industries for PERL, Javascript, Java, ASP, JSP, PHP, or to set up Content Management or E-commerce websites, or to manage and update an existing website, or or to hire Ben-Cam Intermedia to create an entire web site for yourself or your business, contact me at or call 620-659-2944.

My mailing address is
Don Benish
120 N Elm
PO Box 134
Offerle, KS 67563

Download my full resume in Word format.

Much of what I used to do was Javascript programming. Check out my Geocities site for some examples of Javascript sites that I used to get some ideas when I created megaConverter.

Visit my personal homepage and read some of my stories and thoughts.

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