A "Smut Engine" to Replace Unwanted Words in Form Submissions
Depending upon the audience for your Web Site, you may wish to screen form submissions (at least perfunctorily) for content before processing them. This routine does not alert the user, but simply replaces "offending" words. Type some dirty words here and click the submit button.

Perfunctory Test of Email Address Entry Validity
Type an invalid email address here and click the submit button. (Tests for prefix length, the "@" sign and the suffix)

Screening Entry for Non-Numeric Characters
Type some non-numeric characters (try a space, too) mixed with some numerals here and click the submit button.

Failure to Fill in Required Data
Don't type anything below. Just click the submit button a couple of times to see the functioning of this form entry test.

Formatting the Input a Bit
Type a short sentence below, in all caps or all lower case. This routine formats it to initial caps, if that is desired in some entries (such as topic titles, headlines or descriptions) It also handles jokers who love their caps lock keys. Our code for Navigator 2.x is not as full as for the Navigator 3.x, which also has logic for quotes and other punctuation.

Stripping Out HTML Entries
If entries will be displayed later, it may be important to "disable" any direct HTML entries folks decide they want to enter. Type some HTML into the text below. Then click the submit button to see how it is altered.