Here some great Javascript links and examples.

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Here is a listing of various javascript toys some of which are also listed below, which show some of the amazing feats that can be done with javascript.
This is the site that first got me excited about the Internet. It was originally written and hosted by a guy down in Argentina. I used it to learn how to use javascript. It is still one of the most incredible javascript toys. If you look at it in a certain way you will see how it inspired me to create the megaCalculator.
Here is a Javascript puzzle game.
I learned Javascript like I learned PERL, I bought a book and read it. After finishing the book, I loaded several of the examples from the CD-rom included with the book. To my amazement, the examples did not work right. I rewrote them and made them work. Look at my version of tic tac toe.
Here is another tic tac toe game someone else wrote.
Here is an interesting Javascipt clock/calendar. It knows what time of the day you enter and greets you accordingly.
Here is a form verification script.
Here is a screenwidth determination script. This uses javascript's ability to access the system java classes. It appears not to work in recent versions of IE.
Here is a status bar scrolling text script.
Someone on another page wrote a little sliding button game, but it didn't work right. I rewrote it and it works now.
Here is a list of useful date related scripts.

Here are some scripts I wrote

Here is a script that uses an image map to create a spinning dial.

Here is another script that uses an image map to create a horizontal slider bar.

Here is a script to see how .js files work. Click your browser reload function to make it reload a new Simpsonism.

Here is a script to convert Degrees, Minutes, Seconds to Decimal Degrees.

Here is a script to convert length units. You can find this script and many others on the MegaConverter. .

Here is an early version of a megaConverter. This was based on a currency converter script I got from another site.

Here is a script to show today's date and time.

Here is a last modified function: (Because Geocities is constantly modifying my pages, it appears that I have modified it everyday, but I haven't. It works appropriately on most sites.)
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