Which Actor could be Helm?


I was talking to someone a while back and we wondered who would make the best TRUE Matt Helm TM if a new movie were to come out. He felt Harrison Ford would be good. I always thought Clint Eastwood in his younger days would have been perfect, although he's a bit long in the tooth now.

Evidently the question is more than a flight of fancy now, since there is work afoot to bring a new movie to the big screen.

Let me know who you vote for.

John Gunn votes for Val Kilmer or Kurt Russel. I agree that I could see Val Kilmer do it, if he could quit smirking so much. Kurt Russel has the right character but is way too short. I've been thinking that Scott Glenn would be closer to my idea of Helm.

Bill Crider suggests Tommy Lee Jones, which on consideration would be an excellent choice. Jones has the right look and the right world weary attitude. He looks slightly dangerous and could pass for Scandinavian. Maybe we should start a letter writing campaign. I would like to suggest "The Intriguers" as a possibility.

Dave McKimmey thinks Roy Scheider would be good, although I think he is a bit old nowadays. He really isn't tall enough I think, either.

Rick thinks Lee Marvin would have been a good Matt Helm although he is too old now. He would have had to dye his hair though.

Ray Price votes for Steven Segal. I always felt that Seagal was too nice and sincere to play someone of Helm's moral ambivalence.

Rob Hudon agrees with me that Clint would have been great 15 years ago. He feels that a slimmed down John Travolta or Jeff Bridges would be good from today's group. Ten years ago, suggesting John T would have resulted in a giggling fit (Remember the famous line in an early Simpson's episode). Nowadays he might make it, but he would have to cut a ton. Jeff Bridges with dyed hair is intriguing, but he just doesn't seem to make it in my eye.

Phil McEachern feels Fred Dryer would make a good Helm. He might at that.

Charles Eisenhart feels Rutger Hauer would do the job, and James Arness would have been a candidate years back. I can't see Hauer as Helm. He's too thick and stocky and german. I have not seen him with a good american accent. Arness looked the part but never got out from under his Marshall Dillon character.

Bill Minnich thinks Mel Gibson might be right although he's a little short.

Adrian Bulman suggested Sam Elliott, with which I concur. Elliott once played Travis McGee years ago in The Empty Copper Sea.

Stan Bussey thinks an archeologist from Santa Fe, Stew Peckham, would have been right. Stew, you out there? We'll make you a star.

Brian McLean tells me that Johnny Depp has been a fan and has expressed interest in such a role. Seems a little short to me, but Stallone is a shorty and he manages to look bigger than he is. He also mentioned George Clooney, which might work.

Scott Wareham agreed about a young James Coburn.

Gordon Shumway thinks Peter Horton or John Glover would be good. I don't know either of these two so can't tell. He thinks Travolta is too fat, and Jeff bridges too liberal.

I actually thought that John Cusak in Grosse Pointe Blank was great. If he could get serious for a moment, he might make a great Helm.

The Duke can't picture anyone but Dean Martin in the role. Actually if they had played it seriously, I think Martin could have done a good job.

Hayford Pierce felt that Sterling Hayden would have been good in his younger years.

Cynthia Longworth agrees about Clint Eastwood, with second places to Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford. She suggested Quentin Tarantino as the ultimate director for a Helm movie.

Ken Leibowitz agees that Lee Marvin would have been the perfect Helm back in the 60's.

Eric C. Sanders thought Peter Graves would have been a good Helm. He might have too if he'd dyed his hair.

Sherman Barnes thought Scott Hylands of the old TV show Night Heat was a dead ringer for Helm. I never saw it.

Gerard Demetrius thinks Russell Crowe would make a good Helm. I really liked Crowe in LA Confidential. He has the right character but he seems a little short. He also thinks Burt reynolds would have been good before he got too cartoonish.

Roy Ward thinks Donald Sutherland would have been good years ago. I think he was a little too weird looking myself. He has always made a better villain.

David Lemmo thought Jock Mahoney would have been a good Helm although I think he was already pretty damned old when Helm first appeared.

L. Hereford thinks Alan Autry who played Bubba on In the Heat of the Night would be a good Helm. He says he didn't watch the show very much but also plays "who should be the hero" and always thought of Bubba as such when he did watch it.

Robert Skinner feels that Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, or Harrison Ford would all have done a credible job of playing Helm.

Michael R. Myers agrees that out of all of the choices brought up, Scott Glenn would be the best today. He has that rangy hard body and attitude that is perfect.

Katherine A. Jena's choice to play Matt Helm would either be Joe Don Baker or Bo Swenson.

Hank Parnell agrees the young Eastwood would've been perfect as MH.

Rosella Alm thinks a young Chuck Connors would have been the ideal Matt Helm!

Anna Schauer thinks Russell Crowe would be the "just right" look and attitude for Matt Helm but agrees with me that he is just a bit too short.

Alland Day thinks Denis Leary or Gary Oldman

G. Sawyer thinks Buddy Ebsen, Fess Parker or Sam Neill would have been good. Ebsen was probably too old when Matt Helm first appeared and way too old now. Let's not forget he was supposed to be in The Wizard of Oz.

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