Sister Mary Katherine gets laid!

A middle-aged nun, Sister Mary Katherine, died of a heart attack and went to heaven.

When she got there, she found that not only was it legal to fuck, but that any man she asked had to fuck her whenever she wanted, and that everyone had the perfect body they always wished for. She searched out the few Hollywood movie stars there were and fucked them and then she found all the boys she had ever known and fucked them and then her father, uncles, brothers and cousins. She wanted to fuck them all, all the time, and it began to disrupt heaven with all the going and cumming and cumming and going.

Finally, St. Peter was trying to decide what to do about her and was relieved to see her approaching the Pearly Gates again.

"Can I go back to the convent for a visit?" She asked.

"I can send you back as a ghost for as long as you want," he replied. "Are you getting tired of all this debauchery and in need of a little peace and solitude.

"Fuck No." was the reply. "I want to go back and scare hell out of Mother Superior for ever telling me to stay a virgin."