Hi there. This is MY page.
Here's a picture of my
godlike countenance.
I am a writer, philosopher, nudist, engineer, shootist, farmer, rancher, cigar smoker, beard wearer, cat eater, reloader, book reader, tea drinker, beer brewer, cartridge collector, Filipino food eater, brick layer, a thorough-going monster,...... until you get to know me. Then you'll wonder how you ever lived without me as your friend.
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The Fall of Human Civilization:A Simplified Version.
Bashing Carl Sagan
Random Processes
Thoughts at Large (Updated 03-13-98)
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Some Children's Stories
Joe Camblin of 'JOZEE Designs' created a PDF file of all five stories. If you would like to download them and look at them in an Acrobat reader, get them here
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